by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

Quick Knitted Flower

One thing that has really helped me with this challenge is the list of quick ideas I put together at the beginning of the month. There have been quite a few days where I was simply too busy to plan a more involved project, or even research ideas for a simple one, so that list has been incredibly helpful. Today was one of those super busy days (I was out running errands from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm today), and while I could have cranked out a couple more little knitted hearts, I really wanted to make something different since I’ve already made those twice this month, so I chose this knitted flower from my ideas list.

The flower used approximately 4-5 grams/9-10 yards of worsted yarn and I used the Knitted Flower Tutorial from Mack and Mabel. I think that it also might be fun to play around with this pattern using different weights of yarn, like leftover sock yarn to make mini flowers.

January 29’s project: Quick Knitted Flower

red_flowerAnd since a photo of just a red flower on some white fabric is a bit boring, here’s a photo showing how the cute the flower would look on my notions bag: red_flower_bagI haven’t decided if I will actually attach the flower to that bag; maybe I’ll sew a pin-back on the flower so I can take it off and use it on other things too …

Hot Chocolate Mix & Free Printable Tags

If you haven’t noticed from many of my previous projects, I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. Today I made a Valentine’s gift (in advance!) – a Hot Chocolate Mix. I found the recipe here at Half Baked Harvest. The only changes I made was that I used all dark chocolate chips instead of a mix of milk chocolate chips and white chocolate chips because dark chocolate was all I happened to have on hand. Which of course is such a surprise at my house. πŸ˜‰

January 28’s project: Dark Hot Chocolate Mix


In effort to be “scientific,” Marcus and I made one mug with water and one mug with milk. Take it from us, do NOT make this mix with water. It tastes much better made with milk. With the milk, it was pretty tasty. (Though in my opinion I’ll admit, it still was not quite as good as my beloved Cadbury Hot Chocolate.) Marcus said this mix was far better than the hot chocolate from the store, especially since you can control all the ingredients.

If I make this mix again, I might try using Cinnamon chips in place of the white chocolate chips.

I also made printable tags using a super cute graphic from Designs by CP. I’ve uploaded it here so you can print out tags for your own Hot Chocolate Mix gifts for Valentine’s Day. (I’ve uploaded them as Word docs so that you can customize them easier.) I’d recommend using a heavier card stock-like paper if you have any or a photo paper with a completely blank back, not the kind that has logo, etc, on the back.

20130128-211843.jpgHot Chocolate Mix cards – front

20130128-211851.jpgHot Chocolate Mix cards – back

More Knitted Hearts

Today was a buuuuuusy day but at knitting group tonight, I managed to whip up a couple more knitted hearts like the ones from my January 4th post. I could easily get hooked on making these cute little hearts – they are so fast and easy! They really should be called, “Instant Gratification Hearts” or “I β™₯ Instant Gratification.” πŸ˜‰ And since they use such a tiny amount of yarn – less than 1 gram for both hearts together – they are a fabulous way to use up that tiny bit of leftover yarn that isn’t enough to make really anything but is still just a little too much left to just throw away.

And did I mention how fun they are to make? πŸ˜‰

January 24’s project: More Knitted Hearts


Valentine Coasters

Today I made a set of four Valentine Coasters. I used the pattern from Craftinomicon except that I cut my squares at 5″ and I used white flannel instead of quilt batting. I had a lot of fun making these, and I was even able to use up some fabric scraps in the process.

January 9’s project: Valentine Coasters


And since a picture of just coasters is kind of boring, I just had to make some romanticly pink tea (Wild Orange Blossom mixed with Youthberry, both from Teavanna) put it in a lil glass teacup/punchbowl cup (another one of my Goodwill scores) and do a “proper” photo shoot. πŸ˜‰



Heart Bookmark

I’ve been having so much fun thinking about the Valentine cards I want to make with the hearts I’ve been knitting lately. Another idea I had was that it would be really cute to decorate a handmade Valentine with a heart-shaped bookmark, which could then be used afterwards. I used the free pattern String of Hearts to make it. Very cute pattern and easy too.

January 7’s project: Knitted Heart Bookmark


After really struggling to fit in MSED projects this past Saturday and Sunday, I’ve decided that I won’t be attempting MSED on weekends. I’d rather be spending that time with my husband & friends. πŸ™‚