by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

Upcycled Necklace

One of my goals during my MSED challenge was to actually use some of the clothes that I’ve “rescued” (aka stockpiled) from Goodwill. I’ve shortened quite a few skirts but that’s been about it, until today when I made this (in my opinion) pretty cool necklace:

January 11’s project: Upcycled Necklace


The flower pin isn’t that great, just something I whipped together so I could get the general effect. I want to make a nicer one out of silk fabric & beads etc. Here’s a picture of me wearing the necklace:


Pretty cool necklace, huh? Have you guessed what I used to make it?

You’d never guess, so here it is:

20130111-205825.jpgThat’s right: a tee shirt!

I thought about putting up a tutorial, but there are already so many available, so just google “Tee shirt necklace” and about a million hits will come up. The Psycho shirt (which my husband was going to donate/toss since it was too big for him & getting a little faded too) was the kind that doesn’t have any side seams, which from what I read is the best kind for making a necklace like this. I tried cutting the loops at 3/4″ at first, but then decided that I liked the 1″ width better because I found that it curled nicer. 20130111-205805.jpg