Quick Knitted Flower

One thing that has really helped me with this challenge is the list of quick ideas I put together at the beginning of the month. There have been quite a few days where I was simply too busy to plan a more involved project, or even research ideas for a simple one, so that list has been incredibly helpful. Today was one of those super busy days (I was out running errands from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm today), and while I could have cranked out a couple more little knitted hearts, I really wanted to make something different since I’ve already made those twice this month, so I chose this knitted flower from my ideas list.

The flower used approximately 4-5 grams/9-10 yards of worsted yarn and I used the Knitted Flower Tutorial from Mack and Mabel. I think that it also might be fun to play around with this pattern using different weights of yarn, like leftover sock yarn to make mini flowers.

January 29’s project: Quick Knitted Flower

red_flowerAnd since a photo of just a red flower on some white fabric is a bit boring, here’s a photo showing how the cute the flower would look on my notions bag: red_flower_bagI haven’t decided if I will actually attach the flower to that bag; maybe I’ll sew a pin-back on the flower so I can take it off and use it on other things too …

Knitted Shiitake Mushroom

For this past Christmas, I made my husband a hat. It was a perfectly fine and serviceable hat, as well as being exactly what he wanted since he had picked out both yarn and pattern. It was, however (in my opinion) an incredibly dull and boring hat to be his main Christmas present. So I decided to make a couple small surprise gifts for him as well, including a couple knitted mushrooms in honor of one of the interests he acquired this year: gathering wild mushrooms.

They turned out so cute that we decided that I should knit another shittake for our favorite mushroom supplier, Tom of Killbuck Valley Mushrooms, Burbank, OH. We met Tom at the Shaker Square farmer’s market, where we quickly decided that the only thing nicer than Tom’s mushrooms was Tom himself, especially after we had the opportunity to take a tour of his beautiful mushroom farm.

I used the Myriads of Mushrooms pattern as a starting point for the shiitake, but kept adding more and more details to make them more realistic, including embroidered gills, bumps and flared stems. I even sacrificed used a bit a of my precious Wollmeise yarn for the caps, since the colors were so perfect. Here’s my Ravelry project page for the brown one.

January 3’s project: Knitted Shiitake mushroom

shittake_group_side(The shiitake in the upper left with the brown cap is the one I knit today; the grey shittake and teeny brown generic-y mushroom are the ones I knit last month.)