by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

Drawstring Bag & Cookies

Not a very exciting project for today – yet another drawstring project bag. I still needed one more bag for my prize donation at my knitting group’s anniversary party tomorrow.

I did however make another batch of the chocolate chocolate chip cookies from January 18’s post. This time, I used all white sugar and dark chocolate chips and made sure to under-bake them. This batch was even better than the first one!

January 25’s project: Drawstring Bag & Cookies



For Monday, I plan on chopping up a gorgeous wool sweater that I rescued from Goodwill. Someone had apparently not read the “hand wash only” tag and threw it in the washing machine. Their loss is my gain! 🙂 (Hopefully it will be dry by then. January isn’t the best time to be washing sweaters. Sigh)

XL Drawstring Bag

One of my knitting friends has been begging me for a larger drawstring bag for a afghan project. Normally, I don’t make XL bags because they take longer and use a *lot* more fabric, but she really wanted one. It measures approximately 7″ square and 16″ high.

January 17’s project: XL Drawstring Bag

20130117-221505.jpgI tried something new with this bag. For the lining, instead of inserting a contrasting band of fabric going around the middle of the bag, I put the contrasting fabric on the very bottom of the lining, so there’s a bright gold surprise in the “depths” of the bag.

20130117-221529.jpgThis bag went to live with DebbieBeth who loved it, especially the gold fabric in the bottom. And I also learned that this size bag wasn’t as annoying to make as I remember, so perhaps I’ll make a couple more.

Two more Drawstring Bags

Today I made two more of the bags that were ordered last week. Just one left to go!

I also cut up a whole chicken (not very well, but hopefully with practice I’ll improve) for Chicken Cacciatore and made stock out of out of the wings & ribs, but neither of those seemed very photo worthy, so here’s the bags:

January 16’s project: Two more Drawstring Bags


Drawstring Bag

Last week at my knitting group, I received some new bag orders so today’s and tomorrow’s projects will be bag-related.

January 15’s project: Drawstring Bag

drawstringbag_purpleThis bag, which measures approximately 6″ square and 12″ high, will be going to live with PaulaK. I looooove the beautiful purple batiks she picked out. Here’s a photo of the lining fabric too: drawstringbag_purple2

Valentine Coasters

Today I made a set of four Valentine Coasters. I used the pattern from Craftinomicon except that I cut my squares at 5″ and I used white flannel instead of quilt batting. I had a lot of fun making these, and I was even able to use up some fabric scraps in the process.

January 9’s project: Valentine Coasters


And since a picture of just coasters is kind of boring, I just had to make some romanticly pink tea (Wild Orange Blossom mixed with Youthberry, both from Teavanna) put it in a lil glass teacup/punchbowl cup (another one of my Goodwill scores) and do a “proper” photo shoot. 😉



Small Knitted Hearts

I spent the afternoon taking apart a brown silk skirt from Goodwill (I ♥ Goodwill!) with the intention of turning it into a cowl. I have an embarrassingly large pile of skirts that I have purchased for this purpose but I’ve never gotten around to it, which is why I thought it would be a great project for MSED.

However, I ended up running into some “issues” after I triumphantly turned the cowl right-side out and discovered that I hadn’t made a cowl – I had made some weird sort of sleeve-looking moibus tube thingy!

After consulting my favorite sewing teachers (aka Google and Youtube), I think I know what I did wrong but by that time it was too late for me rip out the cowl and sew it again, so I made these cute little hearts instead, using the Love Rocks free pattern. Okay, I admit that I modified the second heart (the pink & brown one) a bit to make it more “polished.” 😉 And the best part about this pattern was not only did it only take about 10 minutes to make a heart, but it only took about 3 yards of sock yarn!  At approximately 1.5″ high and 1.75″ wide, I think they will be perfect for Valentine Cards.

January 4’s project: Small knitted hearts

smallgarterhearts smallgarterhearts_pink

Even though my planned project didn’t work, I still don’t consider today a failure because I really did learn a lot, not just about about woven vs knit silk fabric, taking apart clothing to upcycle and the physics of sewing cowls. I also learned more about my tendency to procrastinate, specifically when starting clothing-related sewing projects, but in a more general way when starting projects that are outside my comfort zone.