More Knitted Hearts

Today was a buuuuuusy day but at knitting group tonight, I managed to whip up a couple more knitted hearts like the ones from my January 4th post. I could easily get hooked on making these cute little hearts – they are so fast and easy! They really should be called, “Instant Gratification Hearts” or “I ♥ Instant Gratification.” 😉 And since they use such a tiny amount of yarn – less than 1 gram for both hearts together – they are a fabulous way to use up that tiny bit of leftover yarn that isn’t enough to make really anything but is still just a little too much left to just throw away.

And did I mention how fun they are to make? 😉

January 24’s project: More Knitted Hearts


Tiny Sock Ornament

I have a confession to make: It is now halfway through the month of January, and our Christmas tree is still up. (Hangs head.) However, that proved useful today while photographing today’s project – a lil sock ornament I made using the free pattern Tiny Sock Ornament. It measures approximately 2.75″ long and 1.75″ wide and used about 2 grams/8.4 yards of some leftover sock yarn. I used a brand called “Kraemer Sterling Silver and Silk” which has 2% real silver in it! Perfect for a Christmas ornament, don’t you think?

January 14’s project: Tiny Sock Ornament sockornament2