Rosemary Herb Wreath

I read about making herb wreaths at Imperfect Homemaking and thought it would be a great way to use the “imperfect” cuttings from the various herbs we brought inside for the winter. (Aka, the parts that were already kind of dry because a certain someone’s watering habits are rather sporadic. Not me, of course. Just … someone.)

 January 23’s project: Rosemary Herb Wreath

In addition to the rosemary, the two chocolate mint plants looked liked they were about ready to start taking over the house (or at least Marcus’s office) with their very enthusiastic runners, so I whacked off some nice mint for the wreath, too.


Here is a photo of the rosemary, pre-trimmed. In addition to four rosemary plants, we also have parsley (peeking out at the bottom of the photo), pineapple sage and two chocolate mint plants. They are all doing quite well inside, which is pretty impressive considering my bad luck with indoor plants. Last spring, Marcus built a great shelving system with daylight florescent bulbs (which are both cheaper and more effective than grow lights) so that we could start seeds indoors and I thought that it would be the perfect spot for my beloved herbs, especially since good natural lighting only comes in through the front window, on the back of the couch, and the dogs have already claimed that spot.


An in-progress photo of the herb wreath, which also shows my frame – a 1/4″ section of PVC pipe. (Approximately  4″ across.) Marcus cut it for me and even beveled the edges so the wire wouldn’t wear. Isn’t he sweet?! 🙂 It was just the perfect size for my wreath, which I wanted to keep fairly small because you’d be surprised at how sloooooowly rosemary grows at this house. (Which would have nothing to do with the fact that we use a lot of fresh rosemary. A LOT. Constantly.)

20130123-192039.jpgI really loved making this wreath. It was so much fun! A great gift idea, too, especially small wreaths using PVC pipe. Now I keep picturing all the wonderful herbs I want to plant this spring! 🙂