More Knitted Hearts

Today was a buuuuuusy day but at knitting group tonight, I managed to whip up a couple more knitted hearts like the ones from my January 4th post. I could easily get hooked on making these cute little hearts – they are so fast and easy! They really should be called, “Instant Gratification Hearts” or “I ♥ Instant Gratification.” 😉 And since they use such a tiny amount of yarn – less than 1 gram for both hearts together – they are a fabulous way to use up that tiny bit of leftover yarn that isn’t enough to make really anything but is still just a little too much left to just throw away.

And did I mention how fun they are to make? 😉

January 24’s project: More Knitted Hearts


Heart Bookmark

I’ve been having so much fun thinking about the Valentine cards I want to make with the hearts I’ve been knitting lately. Another idea I had was that it would be really cute to decorate a handmade Valentine with a heart-shaped bookmark, which could then be used afterwards. I used the free pattern String of Hearts to make it. Very cute pattern and easy too.

January 7’s project: Knitted Heart Bookmark


After really struggling to fit in MSED projects this past Saturday and Sunday, I’ve decided that I won’t be attempting MSED on weekends. I’d rather be spending that time with my husband & friends. 🙂

Small Knitted Hearts

I spent the afternoon taking apart a brown silk skirt from Goodwill (I ♥ Goodwill!) with the intention of turning it into a cowl. I have an embarrassingly large pile of skirts that I have purchased for this purpose but I’ve never gotten around to it, which is why I thought it would be a great project for MSED.

However, I ended up running into some “issues” after I triumphantly turned the cowl right-side out and discovered that I hadn’t made a cowl – I had made some weird sort of sleeve-looking moibus tube thingy!

After consulting my favorite sewing teachers (aka Google and Youtube), I think I know what I did wrong but by that time it was too late for me rip out the cowl and sew it again, so I made these cute little hearts instead, using the Love Rocks free pattern. Okay, I admit that I modified the second heart (the pink & brown one) a bit to make it more “polished.” 😉 And the best part about this pattern was not only did it only take about 10 minutes to make a heart, but it only took about 3 yards of sock yarn!  At approximately 1.5″ high and 1.75″ wide, I think they will be perfect for Valentine Cards.

January 4’s project: Small knitted hearts

smallgarterhearts smallgarterhearts_pink

Even though my planned project didn’t work, I still don’t consider today a failure because I really did learn a lot, not just about about woven vs knit silk fabric, taking apart clothing to upcycle and the physics of sewing cowls. I also learned more about my tendency to procrastinate, specifically when starting clothing-related sewing projects, but in a more general way when starting projects that are outside my comfort zone.