Lavender Sachet – Blue

Today, on the last day of my “Make Something Every Day” challenge, I wanted to make something grand, something meaningful to properly commemorate the past month. However, as so often occurred over the last few weeks, “real life” happened and I was left with almost no time to make anything, let alone something “special.” And in a way, that was almost more appropriate. After all, as I said in my January 1st post, the point of this challenge wasn’t to make Something, but to Make something.

So today’s project is another Lavender Sachet, made out of blue handspun. It’s about the same size as the first one I made, but since I didn’t have my project notes for the first one with me, I had to just wing it. (Which, again, is quite in keeping with the spirit of the challenge, that I don’t need every project to be “perfect” or to wait for the “perfect” moment to start one.)

January 31’s project: Lavender Sachet – Blue


My mom is visiting me from out of town for the next couple days, but early next week I will be writing a post covering my thoughts and experiences with my “Make Something Every Day” challenge. I would like to thank everyone who has been reading my blog and keeping up with me the last month. 🙂

Handspun Lavender Sachet

I have quite a few random bits of handspun yarn, some spun by me and some spun by either my mom or my husband. I decided that Lavender Sachets would be a great use of these, and would not only use up some rather tricky yarn (considering that most of it is of unknown fiber content as well as superwash-ness – aka will it felt if washed) but it also add a few more items to my gift box, which is at the moment sorely depleted due to Christmas.

But perhaps the best part about making this little sachet is that it forced me to actually use some of my precious handspun – albeit scraps, leftovers and test skeins – which will hopefully help pave the way to perhaps using some of my nice handspun.

January 10’s project: Handspun Lavender Sachets


And a shot of the heavenly smelling lavender inside the sachet before I put the ribbon in:handspunlavendersachet_lavender