Upcycled Necklace

One of my goals during my MSED challenge was to actually use some of the clothes that I’ve “rescued” (aka stockpiled) from Goodwill. I’ve shortened quite a few skirts but that’s been about it, until today when I made this (in my opinion) pretty cool necklace:

January 11’s project: Upcycled Necklace


The flower pin isn’t that great, just something I whipped together so I could get the general effect. I want to make a nicer one out of silk fabric & beads etc. Here’s a picture of me wearing the necklace:


Pretty cool necklace, huh? Have you guessed what I used to make it?

You’d never guess, so here it is:

20130111-205825.jpgThat’s right: a tee shirt!

I thought about putting up a tutorial, but there are already so many available, so just google “Tee shirt necklace” and about a million hits will come up. The Psycho shirt (which my husband was going to donate/toss since it was too big for him & getting a little faded too) was the kind that doesn’t have any side seams, which from what I read is the best kind for making a necklace like this. I tried cutting the loops at 3/4″ at first, but then decided that I liked the 1″ width better because I found that it curled nicer. 20130111-205805.jpg