Art, Lies, & the Truth

I have been working very hard on my piece for the 2008 CoCA challenge: Words to Live By. I decided to use Picasso’s quote, “Art is the lie that tells the truth.” I am calling the quilt “Art, Lies, & the Truth.” 🙂 I’ve always liked that quote. It reminds me of something my friend Mary Urbas, who teachs classes on how to sell your artwork, tells her students. It goes something like, “Art is the ultimate smoke and mirrors because you take something worthless and turn it into something beautiful and precious.”

Here it is thus far, and for some reason, this quilt did not photograph well, so please forgive that:

Art, Lies, & the Truth

Obviously, it still needs work to be finished by November 19. It has been an interesting experience making this quilt, partly becuase of the odd shapes, and partly because I chose to use all hand-dyed fabrics, except for black, and with some of the fabrics I have been in danger of running out and since they are hand-dyed, once they’re gone, they’re gone. I am particularly worried about the next fabirc, the dark blue. Guess I’ll have to check my stash again and hope that I either have a little more of that fabric or can make a substitute.

I am extremely please with how nicely the colors are flowing and of course, I love making the crazy blocks. The center of the quilt will be black, with Picasso’s quote machine-quilted/embroidered in brightly colored thread.

I’ll post more pictures are it progresses.

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  1. Mama Meanie Says:

    Your stole is lovely! The colors are SOOOO pretty!!! What a great job you are doing with your knitting (and your quilt is still one of my favorites!!!).

    Knit on!!!

  2. Mama Meanie Says:

    Woops!!! I commented on the wrong blog post!!! Sorry! The quilt is coming along nicely!

  3. Jessica Says:

    Were you brainstorming for this quilt project earlier this year, when I was around for a visit? Anyway, it is lovely — I like it! And I like the quote, too; very clever. It’s like Picasso was clever, or something. :o)

    Hope all is well!

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